The Fratellis

7:30 pm

The Fratellis

The Fratellis return with news of a brand new album ‘Half Drunk Under The Full Moon’ out on 8th May, and the launch of their first track ‘Six Days In June’, an upbeat and foot-stomping anthem that’s sure to put a big smile on the face of any Fratellis’ fan!

“Some days you sit on the couch watching daytime TV and along comes a song like Six Days In June to remind you that you’re still alive!” – Jon Fratelli

‘Half Drunk Under The Full Moon’ follows their critically acclaimed album ‘In Your Own Sweet Time’, their first top 5 UK album in 10 years, and this new album very much continues on this upward trajectory and is likely to become a signature moment in the band’s career.

“Half Drunk Under A Full Moon feels like a continuation of a road the band has been heading down since 2013 when we reunited. We have been moving towards a certain point with every record since then without ever knowing where or what that point was..only that we knew we were gradually developing ideas, themes and sounds that represented our taste in the present day. This album is probably a destination of sorts where those ideas we’d been developing came together in one solid place…to that end you could call it the end of a cycle, if that is the case then we couldn’t be happier with where we’ve arrived. If our intention was to make a record that sparkled, was multicoloured, that contained as many melodies as could be dreamed of and could be enjoyed with each listen then we achieved what we set out to do. We hope when people hear this record they are as excited by what they hear as we were when these songs arrived.”  Jon Fratelli