808 State Live (Rescheduled)

6:00 pm

808 State Live (Rescheduled)

808 State are without doubt one of the most important bands in electronic music.

From their 1988 album debut LP Newbuild, (that won them notable early fans including Aphex Twin: “It was the next step after Chicago acid, and as much as I loved that, I could relate much better to 808 State. It seemed colder and more human at the same time”), through collaborations with Bjork and New Order, to the definitive Pacific State, their legacy and influence cannot be overstated.

Their new album Transmission Suite reflects the rich backstory of electronic music, but with 808 State being 808 State, they also deliver an innovative and forward- thinking vision. Put simply, Transmission Suite – their seventh album – effortlessly evokes the past, present and future.

Taking their live show on the road in 2020, 808 State will perform material from across their history, weaving together 30 years of cutting-edge electronic music for a dystopian rave worthy of any generation.


This is a rescheduled show, all tickets from the previous date will still be valid.